MiG-17, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Fresco-A'

MiG-17 line drawing

MiG-17 (59k)

in Monino

at Kubinka AFB
MiG-17 of 921th of Air Regiment of North Vietnam AF, middle 1960s

This was a thoroughly redesigned MiG-15. Changes included absolutely new 1,5% thinner wing with increaced sweep, a lengthened up to 8,805 m fuselage, increased tail surfaces (it's square became 3,1 m and sweep reached 45 deg.), wider-track landing gear and ventral fin (added after prototype tests). Also revised were airbrakes-their square both with flaps became 2,86 m.Cockpit instrumentation improved.
Production was also undertaken in Poland (LIM-5), China (Jian-5) and Czechoslovakia. The aircraft is used by at least 25 countries (Soviet-built or Chinese J-5 fighters, JT-5 trainers).
During Vietnam war MiG-17 were used by North Vietnam AF against UASF aircraft. Despite outdated, it was prefered by some Vienamese aces (Col. Tomb) for its agility and powerful cannons. Indeed it was MiG-17's guns that turned down 'missile only' fighters development in both USSR and USA.
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  • Technical data
    Type MiG-17
    Function fighter
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*Klimov VK-1A
    Wingspan 9.63m
    Length 11.264m
    Height 3.80m
    Wing Area 22.60m2
    Empty Weight 3798kg
    Weight Loaded 5202kg
    Speed 1114km/h
    Climb 45m/sec
    Ceiling 15600m
    Range 2150km
    (external tanks)
    Armament 1*N-37 37mm gun
    2*NS-23 23mm guns
    • I-330/SI/MiG-15bis45 - first flight took place january 14 1949.
    • SI-2 - the second prototype built after the crash of I-330 (flatter of stabiliser).State trials- july 20 1951
    • SI-3- the third prototype:

    • MiG-17P - limited all-weather version with the Isumrud fixed-scan radar and 37mm cannon replaced with third 23mm one. VK-1 engine.
    • Si-10- built in the end of 1954. Version with completely new wing with flaps.
    • MiG-17F - most produced version with an improved afterburning VK-1 engine and variable nozzle
    • MiG-17PF - all-weather interceptor version of the MiG-17F;
    • MiG-17PFU - all-weather version with deleted guns and four RS-1U (K-5) (ARS-212) beam-riding Air-to-Air missiles. 1953 ;
    • MiG-17RF- reconnaissance version;
    • MiG-17LL - flieing laboratory;
    • I-340/SM-1 with 2 AM-5 engines;
    • I-350/SI-16 with 2 TR-3 engines;
    • I-360/SM-2;
    • SP-2 - another all-weather version with more powerful radar;
    • SR-2 - experimental tactical recco version with new engine;
    • SN - experimental attack version;
    • SP-11- serial MiG-17P modified for mountimg "Vstrecha-1"radar.
    • SP-16- serial MiG-17PF modified for mountimg "ShM-60" radar.
    • MiG-17PF with "Globus-2" apparatus.
    • MiG-17AS- serial version with S-21 rockets.
    • Si-19- experimental plane with 190mm rockets.
    • Si-21- experimental plane with ARS-212 rockets.
    • Si-21M- experimental plane with ARS-212M rockets.
    • MiG-17F- the plane modified for ARS-70 "Lastochka" rockets.
    • SP-9- MiG-17PF N58210627 modified for mounting of ZP-6-Sh "Vikhr'" cluster rocket launchers.
    • SDK-5- the plane used for "Kometa" system trials.


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