Beriev-Locheed C-13

A copy of famous Locheed U-2. It was under creation according to the Sovmin desision No 918-383 august 23 1960. Engines were copied by P.Zubets team in Kazan according to Sovmin desision N 702-288 june 28 1960.

С-13, рисунок В. Некрасова

  • N.Yakubovich "Pereverbovanni shpion" Krilya Rodini" may 1997 p 31
  • Technical information
    Type S-13
    Function recognaisance
    Year 1961
    Crew 1
    Engines RD-16-75
    Foto AFA-60
    Modified April 06, 2002
    by Alexandre Savine
    and Sergey Andreev;